The Family

The Black Family and Mass Incarceration
Bruce Western & Christopher Wildeman

IMG_0421Released in 1965, the Moynihan Report traced the severe social and economic distress of poor urban African Americans to high rates of single-parenthood. Against Moynihan’s calls for social investment in poor inner-city communities, politics moved in a punitive direction, driving massive growth in the prison population. The authors document the emergence of mass incarceration and describe its significance for African American family life. The era of mass incarceration can be understood as a new stage in the history of American racial inequality. Because of its recent arrival, the social impact of mass incarceration remains poorly understood. The authors conclude by posing several key research questions that can illuminate the effects of dramatic growth in the American penal system.

Read the full article…>>The Black Family and Mass Incarceration

Other resources:

Young Men’s Reentry After Incarceration: A Developmental Paradox
Arditti, Joyce A;Parkman, Tiffaney

 Incarceration and the Formation and Stability of Marital Unions
Leonard M Lopoo; Bruce Western

The Black Family and Mass Incarceration
Bruce Western and Christopher Wildeman

Patterns of Informal Support From Family and Church Members among Africans
Linda M. Chatters, Robert Joseph Taylor, Karen D. Lincoln, Tracy Schroepfer

African American Men and the Criminal Justice System: The Overall Impact on the Family as a Result of Incarceration  
Warren D. Rogers

“So My Family Can Survive” Prisoner Re-Entry and the Risk and Resilience of Black Families
Cassandra Chaney

Successful reentry: what differentiates successful and unsuccessful parolees?
S. Bahr, L. Harris, J. Fisher, Harker Armstrong


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